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Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo To Oil Painting


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By Doug Up

Hello readers, and readresses!

I have found, lately, that there has come a bigger demand for oil portraits made from photos. These could be faces, houses, pets, couples, children, cars, or motorcycles, too!

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In the world of art works for sale online, much of this demand has been lately fulfilled by graduates of Chinese art schools. A government in China has made many schools for oil painters. I have noticed, they are "pretty good" at gettin a good likeness of the subject of the portrait.

Lot of times they lose some of the personality that you can see in the portrait, it looks like an identical clone, but with a different personality.

Here is a youtube video, showin, to you, some ideas, and promises, for you, about gettin your photo made into an oil painting. Decorate your wall, or else make a gift that will make them smile.

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