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Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Oil Painting of the Dutch Golden Age Part 1

by Jack Stand

Fine art paintings, from the Dutch Golden Age Culture, include many portrait oil paintings.  There is a reason, for this.  Oil painting portraits were easier to sell, than were many, of the other genres. My video series will give, to you, more lore, about the specific genres, of the Dutch Golden Age Painting.

Here, below, is a video showing, for you, to tell, to you, about the Dutch Golden Age, and its traits. You will get ideas, about oil painting reproductions, that you want to own.  I trust that you will find the video to be both funny and extremely informative!

To see the rest, of the story, go to Saga History Overview Of The Dutch Golden Age Of Art Oil Painting.

Many, of the art works for sale online, are oil painting reproductions of original paintings by Dutch Masters, from the Dutch Golden Age Painting School.  Famous art paintings for sale online are mostly oil painting reproductions.


[See a larger image, or order your hand-painted reproduction, by clicking on the beautiful image at your right.

The rest, of the oil paintings, in the video, are listed below.]


These, below, are the titles, and the artists, of the oil paintings, that you see, in the video. Click on the name, to find out about orderin a hand painted reproduction on canvas.

1) A Shipowner And His Family -- Abraham Willaerts

2) The Man-Of-War Amsterdam And Other Dutch Ships In Table Bay -- Adam Willaerts

3) Dutch Ships Ramming Spanish Galleys -- Cornelis Hendricksz Vroom the younger

4) Coastal Scene -- Simon de Vlieger

5) A Dutch States Yacht On A River Estuary -- Abraham de Verver

6) A Calm A Dutch States Yacht Firing A Salute -- Willem van de Velde the younger

7) A Capriccio Mediterranean Harbour Scene -- Abraham Storck

8) A Boy With A Falcon And Leash -- Jan van Noordt

9) Ice Skating Outside The City Walls -- Detail Of Ice Hockey Players -- Aert van der Neer

10) Dutch Genre Scene -- Michiel van Musscher


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